Jorge Zorro
Photo by Puja Parakh

Zorro Devices

Pedal Repair and Mod Services:

  • Repair of broken units, such as:
    • Broken footswitches
    • Pedal doesn't power up
    • Pedal powers up but doesn't pass signal
    • LED's not lighting up
    • Scratchy/noisy potentiometers
    • loose input/output jacks
    • DL4 bad switch replacement, bad control replacement, unit not powering up
  • Pedal Mods
    • Line 6 DL4 switch upgrades
    • Restoring TS-9 to TS-808
    • Cleaning up tone of Boss DS-1
    • Addition of DC power jacks to older pedals
    • Changing color of LED indicators
  • Custom builds of clones
  • Pedal Re-housing

Below are before and after photos of a dead broken Russian Big Muff that I brought back to life and cleaned up.

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